Tim Van Egmond – Folksinger & Storyteller

Photo by Simon Brooks

“Tim is a triple treat. He can sing, he can play a variety of wonderful instruments, and he can tell whopping good tales!”

Jane Yolen, renowned author and storyteller

Tim Van Egmond is a multi-talented storyteller, singer and musician. He transports audiences to the wellspring of wisdom, humor, and inspiration found in  multicultural tales and folk music. His engaging warmth and dynamic performance will tickle your ribs. It will make your spine tingle. It will warm your heart in an uplifting experience of enjoyment and enchantment.

Hear Samples of Tim Van Egmond’s Storytelling

Watch Tim tell “A Sufi Creation Tale” on The Story Café hosted by Karen Chace: Click Here

Watch Tim tell the Irish story of “The Gold Ring” accompanying himself on the hammered dulcimer: Click Here

Listen to Tim tell “The Captured Bird” inspired by Gioia Timpanelli’s retelling of “The Indian Bird,” a Sufi fable by Rumi: Click Here

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