Prtrt GrfldTim Van Egmond has been delighting audiences throughout the country since 1978. He has appeared at hundreds of schools, libraries, and community centers, as well as folk festivals and television and radio programs. He’s been selected by the Massachusetts Cultural Council for its STARS Residency Programs in schools. He has been chosen a number of times for the NH State Library’s “Kids, Books, and the Arts Project.”  Tim has presented workshops at Sharing the Fire, New England’s annual storytelling conference, the Boston Regional Library System for its Youth Services Librarians, and the New England League of Middle School’s United Arts Conference, among others.

Tim is also an accomplished hammered dulcimer player and dance caller. He built his first of many dulcimers in 1973, and has been playing ever since. Tim has brought the sweet and captivating sound of the dulcimer to a great many communities and special events far and wide. He performs solo; as half of the folk singing duo Yankee Notions; and as a member of the contradance band Swallowtail. He has performed nation-wide with the band, including appearances on National Public Radio’s “A Prairie Home Companion” and at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History. He has recorded three albums with the band, and played on recordings by other artists as well.

Tim believes in our heritage of traditional story and song as a medium for entertainment and enlightenment. A spirited and versatile artist, he continues to draw on a broad repertoire to create performances and workshops for a wide range of themes and audiences.

“Tim is a triple treat. He can sing, he can play a variety of wonderful instruments, and he can tell whopping good tales!”Jane Yolen

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