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Tim Van Egmond weaves together tales, tunes, and songs – from the rib-tickling to the spine-tingling to the heart-warming. MUSIC flows in and around his stories through his singing and playing on a wide variety of traditional instruments, including hammered and mountain dulcimers, guitar, conga drum, and limberjack (a dancing wooden puppet that taps out a rhythm on a paddleboard). His dramatic use of VOICE and MOVEMENT brings stories vividly to life, and his gift of encouraging PARTICIPATION makes for high-spirited and engaging programs. Each program is tailored to meet special needs and interests of sponsors and participants.

PROGRAMS include:

Summer Reading Programs for Libraries – drawn from Tim’s extensive repertoire to celebrate special themes and encourage reading.

Furry Tales 2021 Summer Reading Performance

Sun And Moon And Stars (2019)

Tune In To The Beat (2018)

Builders of Tomorrow Lbry (2017)

The Wonder Underground (2013)

The Story Bag – following an age-old tradition, listeners choose one by one from an assortment of intriguing objects that arouse curiosity and spark the imagination, each representing a specific tale for the telling.

Seasons and Holidays – Special programs for Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, St. Patrick’s Day, and more.

Building Bridges – stories and songs of community and connection, a celebration of multicultural diversity promoting understanding and appreciation of our common humanity.

Hearing Nature’s Voice – stories and songs of our relationship with Mother Earth; learning the importance of living in harmony with the natural environment. A program specifically about Recycling is also available.

Mystery Mastery – Catching the thief, solving the crime, guessing the riddle!

Sun And Moon And Stars – creation myths and sky lore from various cultures; the how and why legends of the shining lights in the heavens, with their patterns and movements.

Programs for Adults – for adult reading discussion series on various themes, such as You Say “Potato,” I Say “Pomme de Terre” for the 400s section, Languages.

Forest, Field, & Town: The Landscapes of Hope – a concert mostly of songs about what draws a community together; the shared sense of belonging to, and drawing inspiration from the landscape, the fabric of family, friends and neighbors, and the hope everyone shares for peace and plenty.


“You certainly managed to captivate the audience! The stories you chose were really perfect. . . . I was impressed with your handling of such a diverse group, and with their enthusiastic response to the songs and stories. You seemed to get just the right blend of listening and participation.”

Judy Stoughton, Children’s Librarian
Springfield (MA) City Library

“There are few performers who can entertain and educate at the same time. You accomplished both with great ease and enjoyment. Thank you so much for your performance! It was enlightening and enchanting and very informative.”

Mary Ellen Siniak, Senior Children’s Librarian
Seekonk (MA) Public Library

“I was very impressed by the relationship you built with your audience. Your initial interactions warmed up the children and adults and made them comfortable participating. In the storytelling, your facial expressions and gestures were terrific and made the stories come alive. The singing was fun and made a wonderful interlude – the audience really enjoyed joining in.”
Terry Turner, Children’s Librarian
Gale Free Library, Holden, MA

“My son said his face muscles hurt, and that’s good because it was from smiling so much!”
Parent after performance
Gaylord Memorial Library, South Hadley MA

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